The Excel App

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The Excel app is a free program for the Ipad that allows one to create a table of data for organization or graphing. It works much like the PC version or, for those who are younger, Google Sheets. The app opens to a page full of templates for various projects as well as a blank workbook for starting from scratch. *Note you will need a Microsoft account to edit the sheets.

The Perks:

– The equation and R value of the graphed line is calculated for you

-Graph can be colored

-Simple layout

-Able to be shared

-Can be saved to and retrieved from a cloud drive such as the OneDrive


The Drawbacks:

-Though free to use, the app includes a subscription service needed to unlock many of its features including:

-Naming the axes

-Changing location of items such as the legend

-Adding and removing items on the graph such as gridlines


Excel remains one of the best graphing app in terms of price (free without subscription), simplicity, and abilities in terms of tables and graphing. Below is a video explaining how to create a line graph as well as determine the line equation/R value while avoiding the subscription service.



Apple Watch

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Apple recently announced their first SmartWatch? it is scheduled to release sometime in early 2015, and lots of people are excited! So, do you think the Apple Watch will give Apple the opportunity to compete with Google’s Android Wear or will it fall too short? Do you plan on buying an Apple watch this coming year?

iOS 8 – Are you going to upgrade?

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iOS 8 was released to the general public on September 17, 2014. Now, unlike last year’s iOS 7 update, iOS 8 may add some cool new features, but it doesn’t really change anything visually. So, do you think it is worth upgrading just for a few added features?

Wearable Technology

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As time goes on, more technology is being integrated into everyday life. Within the upcoming years, we can hope to see technology being more involved in the medical field.

An interview with David Peterson, Chief Marketing Officer for Emdeon, a company well-experienced in linking healthcare payers, providers and vendors, shows how the adoption of wearable technology can help our society. Peterson says that wearable technology in the health field has the potential to track everything from a person’s blood pressure to their heart rate. The ability to know if something is wrong with your health as soon as it happens would be beneficial to both the patient and the doctor.The wearable tech will be able to monitor our health the same way we monitor our cars, to stay on a schedule with regular maintenance. Lastly, the technology would most likely be offered to everyone, both rural and metropolitan areas.

Imagine a world where you could track your everyday exercise, sleeping patterns, and vital signs and all you had to do was wear a bracelet or headband. Would you want to live in a world like this?

Student UConn Presentation

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Student UConn Presentation

Four Tech Team members will be presenting at UCONN on Wednesday.  They will be presenting on their perspectives on the integration of technology in the classroom.  Some of their topics include trying new technologies, trusting students, and collaborating.  QRCode

Airplane safety

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With all the recent speculation surrounding the missing Malaysia airlines flight, we feel it would be a good time to go over basic technological safety for the next time you travel abroad. First off, make sure your mobile devices have a password lock on them, as well as making sure you don’t have any compromising data on them. During the Winter Olympics in Sochi, hackers began to steal information from tourist’s mobile devices, simply by just having them connect to the wireless network. When you proceed through security at an airport terminal, you should power down any electronic device before doing so. This will decrease the chance of being called out of line and having your bag searched due to a “security issue”. You are safe to power them on once you have made it through security. When you get on the plane you should power them down when asked and then wait until you are told it is safe to put them into airplane mode. The wireless signals being sent from your phones or other devices interfere with the equipment onboard the plane. Such as the planes radar transponder or communication devices. When you arrive at your destination be sure to be careful with using your technology. Thieves can always pick out a tourist and normally target them to be their next victim. Keep your phones close and secure and only use them if you need to. This will help keep you and others around you safe the next time you travel abroad.