Windows Surface Tablet

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windows surfaceWe at Brookfield High School have been testing various tablets as they come out on the market against the iPad that we are currently using in our school. We would like to see if other devices can compare to the Apple iPad itself. The Windows Surface is the latest tablet on the market. Windows made their first tablet a computer hybrid. In my own opinion, there are many pros to this device. I had the opportunity to use one of these tablets myself. First off, let’s start with the keyboard. This unique keyboard is pressure sensitive. Imagine the keyboard on the iPad- no actual keys, but they respond to touch. This keyboard acts in the same way, yet it is an actual working keyboard. The keyboards come in a variety of colors, such as red, blue, black, and white. An additional cost is required if a color keyboard is desired. However, if the keyboard is disconnected from the tablet, a touch screen keyboard will automatically appear on the screen. The keyboard can be folded back without it disconnecting and the tablet will respond and assume you are no longer in need of it. Furthermore, many people are in favor of this new device simply because they are familiar with the applications that are already on it. For example, many people choose to use PowerPoint, Word, and Excel since they know how to use them. It is very convenient that these same programs are available on the tablet. The Windows Surface tablet is very similar to a typical Windows computer, in that there are many of the same components.  A camera can be found on the device in the front and back which allows for taking pictures and capturing video as well. The camera in the rear is angled upwards at 22 degrees, so when the tablet is sitting back on the kickstand, the camera is looking straight ahead. This feature of the Windows Surface allows for hands-free picture and video taking. The starting price of this tablet is $499, which includes the device itself and a black keyboard. For my own personal use, the Windows Surface is definitely something I would consider. However, our school interest is still in the Apple iPad.


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