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I’m sure that most of you have heard of the Gopro series of cameras and what they are capable of doing, but what if I told you about a camera that could produce a video that was just as good while using your phone? People say that the best cameras out there are the ones built into phones. So what the company Optrix did was create a case that could house your phone and make it almost indestructable. The guys at Optrix have run it through multiple tests dropping it out a second story window and running it over with a truck (video at bottom). This video makes me feel a little more comfortable with putting my very expensive phone in a case and crashing into a tree, but still unsure.
There are so many choices out there, why should I choose Optrix? 
Well to start the case and basic mount only costs $99 while the cheapest Gopro on the market is $199, and the most expensive costs $400. Second, the iPhone camera is capable of producing HD (1080p) video up to 30 frames per second. This can go toe to toe with the Gopro’s ability to produce 1080p 30 frames per second on the cheaper models, but is beat by the high end model with 1080p 60 frames per second. Now you may be wondering what all this p and frames per second means. Well the p refers to the quality of the image and you may have heard of 720p which is standard tv image quality, and 1080p which is used for the high definition(HD) channels. The frames per second refers to the number of times the camera can take an image in a second. This is important because a video is not actually one continuous image it is multiple images pasted together. This is important for an action camera because the more frames the faster you can go with better video quality.
The Cons:
While the phone case is nearly indestructible I still don’t feel comfortable putting my phone, which has everything, on my head and then doing a sport where I will crash into something and it has a chance of breaking. The other con is that it is extremely heavy, the case and quick release mount weighs together around 60 grams which for something on your head is quite a lot. Also, besides the basic sticky mount that it comes with, you have to buy the extra mounts for an additional cost.
Should you buy it:
I think people should definitely consider it. The Optrix will cut down on weight when you are doing something because instead of having a camera and a phone now you will just have a phone. If you are someone who is just now wanting to film action videos it is a great for the price and simplicity. All in all it is a great idea and the case serves a good purpose. I would recommend it to anyone who was not willing to pay the cost for the other action cameras.

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