Nexus 7 Tablet

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In many cases, Apple Products are sold because of the large Apple symbol on the back of the product.  Before purchasing an Apple product, many suggest that one should review the numerous amounts of other tablets and tablet-like products on the market today.  Many non-Apple products are much cheaper and perform very similarly.  For example, the new Nexus 7 developed by Google is almost $150 cheaper than the new iPad mini and its Android Operating System creates an easy to use, personalized tablet.  The Nexus 7 even has their own version of Siri which is claimed to be better.  Furthermore, the Nexus 7 also uses a higher resolution screen that is very noticeable when reading books or magazines on the tablet.  These major feature improvements make the Nexus 7 a very noteworthy and intimidating competitor in today’s technological world.  Keep an eye out for new devices similar to the Nexus 7.



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