Technology Saves Aquatic Animals

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Technology has the ability to help save the world and all living things in it. A 19 year old boy named Boyan Slat has invented a way to potentially remove 7,250,000 tons of plastic waste from the oceans. The Ocean Cleanup Array consists of an anchored network of floating booms and processing platforms. The array would surround a garbage patch and act as a giant funnel, moving the trash towards the platforms. The platforms would filter out sea life unharmed while containing the garbage. The garbage would then be collected and used in recycling plants. Slat won many awards for his design, including Best Technical Design 2012. It is estimated that Slat’s design can save hundreds of thousands of aquatic animals each year. Slat stated that the process could take only five years to fully implement and would increase oceanic awareness. Slat’s impressive knowledge on technology will lead to a better environment for all. Image


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