MYO Band

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Technological advances are beneficial to all types of people, including video game lovers. Think of the popular Stars Wars movies. The Force was just an ability achievable in the science fiction series’ universe, right?

Not anymore. Thalmic Labs are developing an arm band that will allow players to drive cars, shoot zombies, and perform other video game actions with muscle signals. Unlike the XBox Kinect and other devices, this device, named MYO Band, is attached to the player and requires calibration for that person. However, the controls are much more accurate than the camera ­based Kinect. This is due to the fact that the MYO Band reads muscle signals and transfers them to various devices via Bluetooth.

The MYO Band is slightly more expensive than the Kinect; the MYO Band is priced at $149 versus the Kinect priced at $100. However, it’s still extremely popular and already has 22,000 pre­orders from around the world.

Should I Buy the MYO Band?

To say simply, yes. The MYO Band is priced only 50 dollars more than the Kinect, but includes many additional benefits, including accuracy and ease ­of ­use. Steve Wozniak, co­founder of Apple, even described the MYO Band as “awesome”. The MYO Band is set to come out at the end of 2013, and I for one definitely anticipate its release.



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