Pebble Watch

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How would you like to wear a watch on your wrist that could play music, receive
messages, and act as a GPS when you go running? The pebble watch made by
Kickstarters displays all these features. This watch includes: a lean design, multiple
watch faces, standalone time keeping, downloadable apps, and water resistance.
The watch costs 150 dollars and includes many interesting features. It receives
messages, plays music, helps screen calls, and offers many watch faces.
However, this watch is still in process. The formal App Store does not exist yet,
but it still contains many features. This watch has a 1.26 inch-diagonal “E-paper”
display with a 144×168-pixel resolution with a black and white LCD display. The pebble watch is sold in three different colors: red, black, and white. The plastic face is scratch
resistance and the rubberized watch band is said to feel invisible after a weeks
wear. You can shower or go for a swim while wearing the watch on your wrist.
This watch does not have a touch screen but it is controlled with four buttons instead. The buttons on the right are for scrolling up and down through the main menu. The
center button is for selecting options. The left button acts as the back button
and also activates the backlight. The watch can hold up to eight apps and watch
faces. Currently, there are eleven watch faces and a classic game, Snake, in the App Store.
You can sync your pebble watch with an iPhone, an iPod touch, or an Android phone.Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 7.31.20 AM


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