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As most of you probably have probably heard, Google is coming out with its latest product: Google Glass. For those of you who haven’t heard or aren’t sure what it is, Google Glass is a lens that goes over one eye. It’s designed much like a normal pair of glasses, minus one lens. Google Glass is voice activated and allows the user to search the Internet, send messages, video chat, record videos, and take pictures. Obviously, Google Glass seems like it could be a ground breaking invention. However, here on the tech team at Brookfield High School, we like to focus on the possible educational uses of technology. This raises the question, how can Google Glass be used in a classroom? The great thing about Google Glass is that it’s not limited to being used IN the classroom. Teachers can video chat with students, which is helpful for online learning. For example, Andrew Heuvel, a physics teacher in Michigan that specializes in long-distance education, used Google Glass to give his students a virtual field trip of CERN. Heuvel got the opportunity to see the Hadron Collider, but his students did not. That’s why he video chatted them them during his trip using Google Glass, and taught them as though they were right beside him. Clearly, Google Glass might one day be a vital educational tool.

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