Google Chromebook

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One of the most innovative companies of our time is Google. Google has had strong popularity in a variety of products and services. However, the chromebook has not ceased much attention. Currently there are four types of chromebook ranging from 199 dollars to 1,500 dollars. Chromebooks are quite different than many computers on the market. For example, they revolve around Google apps. These apps include chrome, drive, YouTube, Gmail and more. Another advantage is that most of the chromebooks include a 200 gigabyte data plan on the Google cloud storage. Most chromebooks also include free virus protection. The hardware can be considered another advantage. It features a thin and lightweight design with a descent battery life. It also functions with minimal humming or heat. However, one major disadvantage is the absence of a disk tray. Other drawbacks include its incompatibility with certain programs and video files. The chrome operating system may be incompatible with devices such as printers. For the price, the chromebook is definitely something to consider purchasing.

google chromebook


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