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Here at Brookfield High School, teachers have been diligently working with students for our iPad initiative. After interviewing a few teachers on how the efforts are going in the classroom, we received some awesome feedback! Take a look at what they said:

Question: Do you think the school has benefited from the iPads?

“Yes. I believe it has allowed classrooms to become more student centered and provided students with greater control over their learning. Each year I use iPads for more and more. They serve as the information pathway between myself and students as well as student to student. Materials are accessed, delivered, and returned all through the iPad. I try to provide students with greater choice and personal voice in their learning and the iPads allow more opportunity for this.” -Kelli Mohan (Science Teacher)

“I think the iPads have been a positive tool. We use them for reading and communicating ideas and observations with class members. Some of the apps are very useful for hands-on activities. They are useful research tools as well.” -John Geason (English Teacher)

Question: Has anything become significantly easier for you in the classroom with the help of the iPads?

“Delivering information in a timely fashion. Textbook issuing and related items. I might, not actually being a student user, may suggest that collaboration and communication between students may be easier.” -Dana Cook (Math Teacher)

“Classes do not need a (computer) lab as often. Much of the work can be completed in the classroom.” -John Geason

“Communication between students and teachers seems to have become easier and providing access to material I use in class is easier to share with students. This is particularly helpful when students are absent.” -Kelli Mohan (Science Teacher)

As you can see, the teachers are really enjoying the iPads. What do you think of them so far?


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