BHS 3D Printer

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Recently, BHS has become the owner of their very own 3D printer.

Using the CAD system installed on the computers downstairs, the printer is able to layer a material repeatedly, which then creates 3D objects

Mr. Zapor, our school’s CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design) teacher, says that the printer will have multiple uses. First, any CADD student who has an A average at the end of the course will be able to print out a small version of a model that they design themselves. Secondly, Mr. Zapor plans to work with the business marketing class and he will create a prototype of the product they come up with. Lastly, the robotics team might also get the chance to use the printer to create small parts for their robots.

Even though the printer may only have a few uses right now, with the way we are becoming more technologically advanced, the printer will eventually have many uses that will benefit the school.


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