Tech Teams

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Technology is developing and advancing further than ever before, and
only in a matter of a few days. As our world turns to technology, our
minds begin to form questions; the question on everyone’s mind seems
to be this: how does this work?

Schools throughout the nation, and even throughout the world, are
introducing technology in the classroom, including our own Brookfield
High School. Here at BHS, we are implementing the use of iPads in
almost every class of students. With the use of the iPads, many
students find themselves lost and confused, trying to figure out the
maneuvers, from the basics to the most difficult. The most obvious
answer to these questions in everyone’s mind is simply this: let’s ask
a teacher. The problem, however, is that many teachers are also
learning the ropes of the iPads along with the students. Now both the
students and staff are mutually confused on how the iPad works. But,
no need to fear: student tech teams are here!

Throughout America, many schools are establishing student tech teams
in order to help those who are not as technologically advanced as some
others. In the Yokohama International School, Ms. Kim Cofino founded
the Middle School Student Tech Team. This was a special opportunity
for all involved to use their skills of technology to aid others, not
only improving their own skills as “tech teamers” but also developing
the skills of the student or teacher being helped. This is a common
misconception among students–that the members of the tech team are
more superior in their technology intelligence than they are, which
creates fear in wanting to come. However, we are learning right
alongside the person that is getting the support. Thus, the one-on-one
support develops a personal connection between both students or
student and teacher, thus creating more confidence in each. This is
one of the goals we have as a tech team at BHS–to help others on a
personal basis so they will be comfortable coming back.

In the Mississippi Core Schools, a tech team called CREATE
(Challenging Regional Educators to Advance Technology in Education)
was established to help students as well. Like BHS, they incorporate
their tech team into classroom projects and lessons. Oftentimes,
teachers will need assistance when teaching a lesson including
technology, which is where the tech team comes in. Now, teachers will
develop a skill they never had before.

Student tech teams are a growing trend throughout America. In order to
keep them alive, we must ask ourselves what we all must do. If you
need support, it is imperative that a question be formed prior to
going for help because we need to zero in on what the issue is in
order to help. If this keeps up, student tech teams will become


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