BHS 3D Printer Update

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As you know from past bog post BHS has recently gotten a 3D printer. As students find out about this more and more of them are interested. One of the projects given to us was to create a case for a phone or ipod, we could then decide to print out the case and use it if the dimensions were right. If they were wrong, we would have to get back on to the editing system and make changes to them. Only a few years ago 3D printers cost over 10 thousand dollars. Now they are down to 2 thousand. Who knows in a decade 3D printers could be common in houses around the world. Technology is changing so fast it is hard to keep up with it. At the rate that technology is changing now it could be a few years after something is developed that is available for everyone and not just those in business or large groups. I myself have been making an Iphone case for myself.


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