Glasses-Free 3D TV

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For years, people all over the world have enjoyed watching movies in 3D. The way the glasses make the people and things in the movie pop out at you is amazing. But what if you could have it in your own home when simply watching TV? Of course this idea is not too amazing; if they can do it with a movie, why not TV? But, what if we could view our favorite TV show in 3D without those pesky glasses? A little more complicated to do, I’d say. But, many technology companies have been working on this idea of being able to get the 3D effect at home for many years now. In fact, at the CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, 3D TVs have been on display every year for the past couple of years, improving each year. But, how can we look at 3D without the glasses? To find the answer, we must look inside our brain.

Our brains are constantly putting together pieces of information to form an image. Naturally, our brains are able to create depth, which is why we see in 3D in reality. To capture the same effect and use in in 3D with glasses, the movie is filmed from two different angles, called parallax view, to capture the natural angles of each eye. Then, the glasses, acting as a parallax barrier, with the red and blue filters, block the red hues from one eye and the blue hues from the other eye in order to allow our eyes to create depth. Then, our favorite heroine is suddenly popping out of the screen, like we could actually reach out and touch him. However, in order to have the same effect without glasses, there must be a parallax barrier on the TV screen itself. The image is broken up into different alternating bands of pixels that are blocked, so you only see fully from the left and right eye at one time. This creates the effect of 3D from the TV screen. This technology is far from perfect, however; there are still many positions in which you cannot watch the TV from, lest you don’t want to view it in 3D. But imagine being able to perfect it; my guess is that in a few years, your favorite program will be catching your eye—literally.


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