Tech Team 1st Semester Report

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The BHS Tech Team, located in the Library Learning Commons, has been an asset to developing both student and staff technology skills throughout the 2013-2014 school year. In fact, much has been accomplished in only the first semester! In August and September, as the freshmen started adjusting to their new school environment, the Tech Team organized and distributed about 220 iPads to the freshmen class. They have also aided students in navigating their new devices in their Skills 21 classes. The Tech Team has continued helping the Skills 21 classes with many of their assignments, including creating Google Sites, setting up and managing DropBox, using Educreations, and much, much more.

September and October were busy months for the Tech Team! In addition to assisting the Skills 21 students, the Tech Team has been able to share their knowledge of technology with other classes. Tech Team’s accomplishments include

  • making slideshows for Biology showcasing the projects have been made for the teachers.

  • scanning textbooks into the Faculty Drive for teachers looking to change from hard copy to digital copies for their students.

  • creating instruction sheets for iCloud that have aided many who are still unfamiliar with the iPad.

  • giving their opinion on cool, new apps to use for English projects, headed by Mrs. O’Connor.

  • helping the senior A-day flexes with Facetiming and Skyping with college students as they prepare to go to college themselves.

  • testing out all the computers in the school to make sure they were up and running for the staff to test out the new state Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

Throughout the year, the Tech Team has used a lot of social media in order to promote the team and also any exciting technology news. Twitter is one of the many social media tools that has been used throughout the past year. Tech Team has their very own account, @TechTeamBHS, where we send out tweets to keep our followers up-to-date in technology. The members of Tech Team have worked very hard on blog posts about technology in our school and in the world that include interesting topics, such as Google Glass and the BHS 3D printer.

 A big part of the Tech Team is helping students with their iPads, whether it be to fix a malfunction or to answer a question. The Tech Team has been very helpful with aiding those with the setup of Dropbox, an app in which many documents can be efficiently shared between students and teachers. The Tech Team loves helping students and teachers; our goal is to promote the effective use of technology in the hopes that more people will come with any questions they have!

Tech Team does all they can to help make YOUR school, home, and overall life easier with the power of technology.



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