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This week at Brookfield High School, Teen Tech Week will commence! This extraordinary event will take place in the Library Learning Commons beginning on Monday after school. Teen Tech Week is a great way for students of Brookfield High School to become involved and learn great new tricks to expand their understanding of this growing world of technology.

        To begin Teen Tech Week, students will learn how to alter their Twitter banners. These banners appear around the users profile picture and can range from pictures of nature, graphic desgins, or even a great night at a concert! Monday after school, students will be able to come into the Library to learn cool tricks with these banners! These tricks can include putting yourself onto a background. There will be plenty of people to help students with any banners you want. But wait, there’s more! Tuesday also has fantastic fun filled activities.

        Tuesday afternoon will be like no other. How often do you get to do a scavenger hunt…with technology? A scavenger hunt will challenge students, faculty, and parents alike to use their iPads and quick thinking to help unlock clues. Get your detective hats on, because this day will be full of imaginative thinking, and fun interactive activities. This scavenger hunt is followed by even more thrilling fun with Wednesdays activity planned.

        Have you ever seen yourself as a Hacker? Someone who’s great with programming and coding computers? Maybe you haven’t, but don’t worry! It’s not as hard as you think! Using the website, you will be taken step-by-step through the programming process. This interactive website challenges your math and critical thinking skills to help you do countless things, like moving a small robot or even programming games! It’s easy to learn and anyone can do it, for no cost at all! Teen Tech Week is bringing you this fantastic opportunity to learn things you never thought possible!

        Make sure you keep your calendars open next week, Teen Tech Week is on its’ way! Learn some cool things and have fun doing it with this family friendly opportunity. There will be a huge variety of things throughout this week, like changing your Twitter banners, interactive scavenger hunts, and learning to code fast and easy! Stop by the Library Learning Commons after school next week and have a magnificent time!

Matt Biondi


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