Wearable Technology

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As time goes on, more technology is being integrated into everyday life. Within the upcoming years, we can hope to see technology being more involved in the medical field.

An interview with David Peterson, Chief Marketing Officer for Emdeon, a company well-experienced in linking healthcare payers, providers and vendors, shows how the adoption of wearable technology can help our society. Peterson says that wearable technology in the health field has the potential to track everything from a person’s blood pressure to their heart rate. The ability to know if something is wrong with your health as soon as it happens would be beneficial to both the patient and the doctor.The wearable tech will be able to monitor our health the same way we monitor our cars, to stay on a schedule with regular maintenance. Lastly, the technology would most likely be offered to everyone, both rural and metropolitan areas.

Imagine a world where you could track your everyday exercise, sleeping patterns, and vital signs and all you had to do was wear a bracelet or headband. Would you want to live in a world like this?


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