BHS Teen Tech Week

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This week at Brookfield High School, Teen Tech Week will commence! This extraordinary event will take place in the Library Learning Commons beginning on Monday after school. Teen Tech Week is a great way for students of Brookfield High School to become involved and learn great new tricks to expand their understanding of this growing world of technology.

        To begin Teen Tech Week, students will learn how to alter their Twitter banners. These banners appear around the users profile picture and can range from pictures of nature, graphic desgins, or even a great night at a concert! Monday after school, students will be able to come into the Library to learn cool tricks with these banners! These tricks can include putting yourself onto a background. There will be plenty of people to help students with any banners you want. But wait, there’s more! Tuesday also has fantastic fun filled activities.

        Tuesday afternoon will be like no other. How often do you get to do a scavenger hunt…with technology? A scavenger hunt will challenge students, faculty, and parents alike to use their iPads and quick thinking to help unlock clues. Get your detective hats on, because this day will be full of imaginative thinking, and fun interactive activities. This scavenger hunt is followed by even more thrilling fun with Wednesdays activity planned.

        Have you ever seen yourself as a Hacker? Someone who’s great with programming and coding computers? Maybe you haven’t, but don’t worry! It’s not as hard as you think! Using the website, you will be taken step-by-step through the programming process. This interactive website challenges your math and critical thinking skills to help you do countless things, like moving a small robot or even programming games! It’s easy to learn and anyone can do it, for no cost at all! Teen Tech Week is bringing you this fantastic opportunity to learn things you never thought possible!

        Make sure you keep your calendars open next week, Teen Tech Week is on its’ way! Learn some cool things and have fun doing it with this family friendly opportunity. There will be a huge variety of things throughout this week, like changing your Twitter banners, interactive scavenger hunts, and learning to code fast and easy! Stop by the Library Learning Commons after school next week and have a magnificent time!

Matt Biondi


Tech Team 1st Semester Report

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The BHS Tech Team, located in the Library Learning Commons, has been an asset to developing both student and staff technology skills throughout the 2013-2014 school year. In fact, much has been accomplished in only the first semester! In August and September, as the freshmen started adjusting to their new school environment, the Tech Team organized and distributed about 220 iPads to the freshmen class. They have also aided students in navigating their new devices in their Skills 21 classes. The Tech Team has continued helping the Skills 21 classes with many of their assignments, including creating Google Sites, setting up and managing DropBox, using Educreations, and much, much more.

September and October were busy months for the Tech Team! In addition to assisting the Skills 21 students, the Tech Team has been able to share their knowledge of technology with other classes. Tech Team’s accomplishments include

  • making slideshows for Biology showcasing the projects have been made for the teachers.

  • scanning textbooks into the Faculty Drive for teachers looking to change from hard copy to digital copies for their students.

  • creating instruction sheets for iCloud that have aided many who are still unfamiliar with the iPad.

  • giving their opinion on cool, new apps to use for English projects, headed by Mrs. O’Connor.

  • helping the senior A-day flexes with Facetiming and Skyping with college students as they prepare to go to college themselves.

  • testing out all the computers in the school to make sure they were up and running for the staff to test out the new state Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

Throughout the year, the Tech Team has used a lot of social media in order to promote the team and also any exciting technology news. Twitter is one of the many social media tools that has been used throughout the past year. Tech Team has their very own account, @TechTeamBHS, where we send out tweets to keep our followers up-to-date in technology. The members of Tech Team have worked very hard on blog posts about technology in our school and in the world that include interesting topics, such as Google Glass and the BHS 3D printer.

 A big part of the Tech Team is helping students with their iPads, whether it be to fix a malfunction or to answer a question. The Tech Team has been very helpful with aiding those with the setup of Dropbox, an app in which many documents can be efficiently shared between students and teachers. The Tech Team loves helping students and teachers; our goal is to promote the effective use of technology in the hopes that more people will come with any questions they have!

Tech Team does all they can to help make YOUR school, home, and overall life easier with the power of technology.


Technology in Fitness

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Recently, Apple has patented the idea of headphones or headsets that can act as a “sports monitoring system.” Sensors would be embedded into the headset or earbuds. When the sensors come into contact with your skin, they would be able to monitor heart rate, temperature, and other physical stats. In addition to this, the headset would be able to respond to motion as well. For example, you tilt your head one way and the song your listening to pauses or the volume gets higher or lower.

Even though this is just an idea, it reveals a lot about our current society. The majority of the population aims to stay healthy and fit, so companies are starting to look more into the health and fitness market. Future products may encourage people to be more active during their day, which conflicts with the current popularity of devices such as iPads, tablets, and computers.


Glasses-Free 3D TV

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For years, people all over the world have enjoyed watching movies in 3D. The way the glasses make the people and things in the movie pop out at you is amazing. But what if you could have it in your own home when simply watching TV? Of course this idea is not too amazing; if they can do it with a movie, why not TV? But, what if we could view our favorite TV show in 3D without those pesky glasses? A little more complicated to do, I’d say. But, many technology companies have been working on this idea of being able to get the 3D effect at home for many years now. In fact, at the CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, 3D TVs have been on display every year for the past couple of years, improving each year. But, how can we look at 3D without the glasses? To find the answer, we must look inside our brain.

Our brains are constantly putting together pieces of information to form an image. Naturally, our brains are able to create depth, which is why we see in 3D in reality. To capture the same effect and use in in 3D with glasses, the movie is filmed from two different angles, called parallax view, to capture the natural angles of each eye. Then, the glasses, acting as a parallax barrier, with the red and blue filters, block the red hues from one eye and the blue hues from the other eye in order to allow our eyes to create depth. Then, our favorite heroine is suddenly popping out of the screen, like we could actually reach out and touch him. However, in order to have the same effect without glasses, there must be a parallax barrier on the TV screen itself. The image is broken up into different alternating bands of pixels that are blocked, so you only see fully from the left and right eye at one time. This creates the effect of 3D from the TV screen. This technology is far from perfect, however; there are still many positions in which you cannot watch the TV from, lest you don’t want to view it in 3D. But imagine being able to perfect it; my guess is that in a few years, your favorite program will be catching your eye—literally.

BHS 3D Printer Update

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As you know from past bog post BHS has recently gotten a 3D printer. As students find out about this more and more of them are interested. One of the projects given to us was to create a case for a phone or ipod, we could then decide to print out the case and use it if the dimensions were right. If they were wrong, we would have to get back on to the editing system and make changes to them. Only a few years ago 3D printers cost over 10 thousand dollars. Now they are down to 2 thousand. Who knows in a decade 3D printers could be common in houses around the world. Technology is changing so fast it is hard to keep up with it. At the rate that technology is changing now it could be a few years after something is developed that is available for everyone and not just those in business or large groups. I myself have been making an Iphone case for myself.

History of Technology

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It’s easy to forget the fascinating virtual world that we are living in. Everyday, new inventions and ideas are being made and our world is changing by the second. As technology begins to become more advanced, it is important to realize where it all started. Teenagers didn’t walk around with their iPhones in their pockets waiting for a text to come through. Parents didn’t bring their laptops to work, to surf the web or take notes during an important meeting. Our digital world has come a long way since the beginning of time. You may find it interesting to know some of the early history of technology that brought us to where we are today.

The first mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1963. It was a wooden shell with two metal wheels.

The prime reason the Google home page is so bare, is due to the fact that the founders didn’t know the HTML and just wanted a quick interface. In fact, the submit button was a later addition and initially, hitting the RETURN key was the only way to burst Google into life.

The first website ever to be made was built at CERN. CERN is the French acronym for European Council for Nuclear Research and is located at Geneva, Switzerland.

It took the web only 4 years to reach 50 million users. Radio took 38 years while TV made it in 13 years.

The invention of the modern computer keyboard began with the invention of the typewriter. Christopher Latham Sholes patented the typewriter that we commonly use today in 1868. The Remington Company mass marketed the first typewriters starting in 1877.

We didn’t get to where we are today over night. Technology is advancing each and every day without people even realizing it. To me, it seemed like only yesterday that I was a 12 year old girl listening to music on my iPod shuffle. Today, my 6 year old cousin uses his iPad mini to hold his music. Imagine what the future holds.

Amazon Prime Air

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Recently, Jeff Bezos, CEO of the online company Amazon, has revealed an experimental drone based delivery system. Bezos calls it Amazon Prime Air and he says it could potentially be available to customers in four to five years. The drone can carry objects of up to 5 lb within a 10-mile radius of an Amazon distribution center. The drone is autonomous, which means all you have to do is input the destination address and it will fly there on its own.

Having a drone as a delivery service could change the way of delivery services all together. Before we know it, there could potentially not be a need for delivery trucks or mail men. Everything could be delivered to you by drone.