The Excel App

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The Excel app is a free program for the Ipad that allows one to create a table of data for organization or graphing. It works much like the PC version or, for those who are younger, Google Sheets. The app opens to a page full of templates for various projects as well as a blank workbook for starting from scratch. *Note you will need a Microsoft account to edit the sheets.

The Perks:

– The equation and R value of the graphed line is calculated for you

-Graph can be colored

-Simple layout

-Able to be shared

-Can be saved to and retrieved from a cloud drive such as the OneDrive


The Drawbacks:

-Though free to use, the app includes a subscription service needed to unlock many of its features including:

-Naming the axes

-Changing location of items such as the legend

-Adding and removing items on the graph such as gridlines


Excel remains one of the best graphing app in terms of price (free without subscription), simplicity, and abilities in terms of tables and graphing. Below is a video explaining how to create a line graph as well as determine the line equation/R value while avoiding the subscription service.